"..in a word ...FANTASTIC!

Well, I received the samples you sent me today and have just finished trying both of them. They are....in a word....FANTASTIC! This is just what I've been looking for! I hate using tobacco as it tightens my lungs and makes me cough but it was all I could get to pair with extracts/resins etc. I can hardly feel anything in my lungs with your product. Also it has the great benefit of a  flavorful after taste.....something you DO NOT get from tobacco! I really enjoyed the Chamomile & Blackberry blend. So smooth and mellow with a nice flavor, you just can't go wrong.

Rob L. - ON

WOW.. I am impressed!

Just received the sample pack yesterday and wow am I ever impressed. I've mixed my herb with tobbaco for 30 years and have gotten to the point of not being able to enjoy smoking a joint without coughing till I almost pass out. I've smoked at least 10 joints since yesterday trying all the flavors, I barely coughed, it made the harshest of weed smooth. The tastes are amazing and paired with the right strains the flavors pop like never before. The mullein used in the mix is great for anyone with respiratory problems. Amazing work coming up with these blends and thank you for freeing me of a 30 year tobbaco habit! Looking forward to buying lots more.  Johnny L. - Toronto, ON

Very cool!

I am so happy to have gotten to try this. Its just lovely to add too. I love my garden & herbs sage & peppermint ... so to include in my relax break its very cool! Sage is my fave i think adding that little bit of taste & stays smooth. Most wonderful thank you!

Ami T. - Calgary, AB

You have to try this!

Definitely have to try out these organic smoking herbs from PotZee. You will not be let down they have a very relaxing and nice effect,

 I find which also is incredibly smooth.

 They have a lovely selections of flavours to choose from as well. And the best part is how affordable these organic herbs are.

Tristan R. - Vancouver, BC

Fast Shipping!

WOW! I ordered the sampler pack...and love them all! Super fast shipping! Cute little tins,organic,makes cannabis smoking really smooth. Definitely reccomending to friends, and ordering more for myself again soon! Thanks Potzee!

Charolette M. - Hamilton, ON

Great product!

This was a great product! I really enjoyed using it. Lavender is great to use when you have difficult time with sleep. There costumer service was awesome, and shipping was fast. I'm looking forward to buying more stuff for you!

Kayla M. - Halifax, NS

Really nice herbs!

I didn't realize there were so many good ones for smoking, and great to mix with cannabis or smoke on its own.. My favorite would have to be the Chamomile Blackberry mix, such a sweet flavor.

Simon - B.C.


 I found the blend superb. I was impressed by how smooth it was, and I thoroughly enjoyed the lavender flavour. I will certainly be ordering again.  

Sandra - ON

"Love your stuff"

We love your stuff and are passing out little time to all our friends to encourage the change from Tobacco......We are so happy. 

Shawna - AB

"Great Taste"

Great stuff! Tastes a lot better then I expected.

Max - SK

"Nice to add.."

Your product was nice to add !! The aromatics we great to diffuse the smell! 

Lora Ann -  BC