Do your herbal blends contain any cannabis or THC?

No, our blends are just organic common herbs, and contain no cannabis of any kind.  Our blends can be smoked alone, or mixed with cannabis by customers.

Is smoking herbs, flowers and plants safe?

The smoking of any substance can be harmful to your health. Tobacco, however, contains thousands of chemicals, many of which are dangerous. The use of natural smokable herbs and herbal blends can be a better choice.  A great tobacco free pipe mix.

Can you use blends in a vaporizer?

Absolutely, you can.   

For dry herb vaporizers, the temperature setting should be around 300F - 350F.  Since our blends are dry herbs, they will not produce much vapor like a liquid solution, however nicotine free.  Cannabis mixes very well with our blends for consumption purposes.   

Does it improve taste and smell?

Absolutely. Specific herbs, plants and flowers can dramatically effect flavour, scent and smoothness. Our focus has been on providing organic smokable herbal blends that improve the taste, smell and overall  experience with cannabis. Non smokers find it a more pleasurable experience when induging.   Blends can also significantly reduce the odour of pot around you. 

How much do I use?

There is no cannabis in our blends. It is recommended to use a 1 to 1 herbal blend to base herb ratio (one part herbal blend to one part legal cannabis herb). A good ratio will create a pleasurable balance with better taste, smell and smoothness.  Seasoned users may decide to use a different ratio. Blends can be used in a bowl, pipe, joint or bong.  Like all other herbs, keep blends sealed, in a cool and dark place to maintain freshness. We recommend that you use packed blends within 6 months.

Why choose certified organic as a better choice?

Organic is a method wherein growers cultivate herbs without the utilization of fertilizers, chemical products and pesticides. We see it as a clean smoke. 

Our producers and suppliers are USDA organic certified. Click here to learn more. 

PotZee.ca is committed to quality and safe use of all products, however is not responsible or deemed liable for the use, in any way, of products sold.  WARNING: Smoking anything, including herbal products of any kind, is harmful to the body.

Personal privacy is a must for us. 

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