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New Herbal Smoking Brands Emerge As Canada Moves Toward Legalization

Cannabis Culture Magazine - February 1, 2018

As Canada moves toward the legalization of marijuana, companies like have emerged in the area of premium products with their organic herbal smoking blends. Potzee herbal blends can be smoked alone or mixed with cannabis to provide a smooth, tasteful and clean smoking experience. All their hand-crafted blends are tobacco and nicotine free using only USDA certified organic herbs. A variety of flavours are available, including spearmint, lavender, rose petal, sage, simple natural, peppermint and their popular chamomile & blackberry blend.

Potzee creates unique blends using traditional herbs, resulting in simple, safe, and high-quality products. Always working on new blends, they have just released their new lemon balm flavour, with a fresh citrus twist. Potzee blends are cured for optimal moisture levels, and are available in 28g (large tin), 12g (small tin) and 12g or 6g (poly bag) sizes.

Based in Niagara Ontario, one of Canada’s best-known green belt areas, the Potzee team understands customers are looking for a natural premium product. “It’s all about providing a high quality product for our customers” expressed Shelley, co-founder of “We create and handcraft all of our blends.” Brings New Organic Herbal Flavors to Your Spliff - October 29, 2017 

Many users smoke marijuana either on its own, or blend it with tobacco. While common practice, this also leads to coughing, sore throats, and even an inability to properly measure the dosage. And given the health detriments of tobacco, many users are looking for an alternative way to smoke.

Enter Organic herbal smoking blends are a healthier and more enjoyable alternative to tobacco. Smooth, flavourful and certified organic, you’re sure to find the perfect blend for you.

Why use organic herbal smoking blends? They’re smooth. The herbs provide a very smooth smoking experience, minimizing coughing and drying, while creating an even burn.

 They’re a healthier choice. All blends are certified organic, all natural, and contain no nicotine, pesticides or additives.

They taste and smell great. Flavours include spearmint, sage, lavender, and more. They decrease and in some cases eliminate the odour of marijuana, and our different blends range from simple, almost flavour-free to a more menthol like taste.

They can help you control your intake. Vary the amount of blend you use to control the amount of marijuana you are consuming. Great for those new to cannabis or those simply regulating their consumption.