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Natural Herbal Smoking Blends

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Simple. Smooth. Flavourful. Natural.

We specialize in premium organic herbal smoking blends and herbal mixtures that can be smoked alone or mixed with cannabis.  There is no THC in our blends.  Excellent option for those looking for a tobacco alternative, better choice.  Our organic 100% natural blends bring a great taste, smell and smoothness for a more enjoyable smoking experience.  Also great as a tobacco free pipe mix.  Our herbs to smoke are sourced from around the world, and are then hand-crafted to create unique and flavourful blends and mixes.  To ensure premium quality, from safe and trusted sources, all our herbal products are USDA certified organic.  We are a proud Canadian company.

Why use Potzee herbal smoking  blends?

Tobacco free, nicotine free, all natural, no additives

Reduces the taste and smell of cannabis when mixed together.  

A very smooth and flavourful clean smoke while reducing coughing significantly. 

Helps reduce cannabis consumption.  Save some money. 

We only use organic certified herbs in our blends.

Perfect for spliffs, dry vapors, pipes and more for both new and seasoned cannabis smokers. 

Various flavours - simple natural, chamomile and blackberry, and more. 

A tobacco alternative, quit smoking aid

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Happy Holidays



"What a difference. Tried the spearmint blend, very nice. Smart twist with the minty flavour. Would recommend." - Chris, ON


"The blend is a way better alternative to tobacco. We tried the sage and peppermint blend. Smooth and very tasteful. Menthol, nice touch" - Phil, ON


"Glad to find an organic and natural filler. Good selection of flavours. Reasonable pricing and the large size is plenty. Everyone should try it!" - Gus, B.C.